Welcome to My Life

Do you wanna fight me?

I’m ready

I’ll test your strength

Hold steady

Stand on the sidelines betting

Or you could just leave

I’ve been through shit

And I came out strong

Some say that I turned out wrong,

Until now I’ve been letting them

Have a hold on me

(Now I say)

Welcome to my life

This is who I am

If I’m not what you like

I don’t give a damn

Do you wanna test me?

I dare ya

Oh yeah I mean to scare ya

I’ve been so nice for so long

I should prepare ya for

A tougher tone out of my sweet mouth

She’s gone off the rails no doubt

You can guess where I’ve been now

Welcome to my life

This is who I am

If I’m not what you like

I don’t give a damn

I see them judging over there

But I’m just like

Welcome to my life

This is who I am

If I’m not what you like

I don’t give a damn

Already Gone

When you step into the light

You’re never there for long

Rushing to arrive but you’re already gone

It may break my heart but you do what you want

I give all I am to you, I give a lot

I’m already gone

Rushing to arrive

But I’m already gone

It doesn’t make sense

Cuz you’re not honest

I wanna understand

But that’s not what you wanted

When you think you got me

I’ve played your game

When I think I got you

You slip away

Rushing to arrive but you’re already gone

Rushing to arrive but I’m already gone


The white walls

The heat off your skin

I feel more for you

Than I thought I did

The ceiling fan

The moan and the shh

The way you look below me

Babe it’s so fucking good

Wish I could take a picture

Without hackers taking it

Buy instant camera

Keep a record of this shit

You’re so much man

Imma be your bitch

But now I wanna rule you

So come on let’s switch

They say seven years will bring curse

If this is it, I love it, make it worse

Your text tone

Hits my phone

And I know what it means

I am still your friend but I got benefits

I know what you need

Cuz we are lovers

Sharing a rooftop

Heat bills and a car

Some say that stuff makes us boring

Can’t hear them, too busy exploring

Your body

Begging me for more

But I make you wait

Then give you what is yours

Doc Martens

Don’t call me a sweetheart

Cuz I’m not

Dude it’s not a good look you should stop

Think I’m cute but I could mess you up

Jk jk but you made me shop, thanks a lot

Cuz it doesn’t seem like people really get me

They think I like to clean up but I’m messy

I’m dressing like myself so they’ll respect me

I’m a big bad tough bitch

I feel pretty badass in these kicks (in these kicks)

I am not surprised you’re into it (so into it)

I got this contagious confidence (confidence)

Ask me how I do it, I’ll admit

My doc martens

Tell you who I am

And that’s the way I want it

The way I want it

That’s the way I want it

I don’t need to say a thing, you see me and you got it

And you got it

baby do you got it

Used dress so that they’d always like me

So neat and tidy

But now I’m vibin’

I am lookin’ like the girl who is inside me

In this crop top, slate jeans rolled up, and my doc martens

If I’m being honest


at the bar

The girls are watching

Ladies do you like it when I flaunt it

I could take you over if you wanted

I’ve become who I always was

What I tried to hide

Now I’m showing off


Love and lust

Are best friends

They go out

They stay in


We sure know

How they roll

Yeah, oh yeah

oh yeah oh yeah

oh yeah oh yeah

oh yeah oh yeah

Build that trust

It pays off

Turns into

Oh my god


I’m in love

Take a break from your work baby

Tell ‘em that you’ll be back later

Take a break from your work baby

Tell ‘em that you’ll be back

Just try to focus after that


Hello to all my lovers

Who woke up after me

I did it for you babe

I know you only want me cuz I’m free

You love the way I leave

Oh my god

I’m such a tease

Yeah I’m so naughty

I keep your interest with my distance

Don’t you want me cuz I’m free

You love the way I leave

I could be yours but you don’t want it

Come on you know that it’s true, admit

You only want me cuz I’m free

You love the way I leave

You know you think it’s hotter

When I am just a treat

So unattainable and craveable

I’m something you can’t keep

You love the way I leave

You love the way I leave

Ooo ooo ooo

Gonna lure you with mystique

It’s what I do

Got that personality

To cut through

All the guard up

That you say you need

Keep on talking honey cuz you can’t fool me


I’m your muse

Cuz I always make you think

Turn your truth

Into questions like can we be

Together, well baby

Yeah you can tell me

Until then I’m gonna stay just outta your reach


You said you’re sorry but I’ve got doubts

when you think you know the right thing for everyone else

I used to let you in without a question now

I'm gonna be cautious

I don’t want to love you don’t know how

You can’t see that you stress me out

And if we’re gonna try again it’s gonna be

A delicate process

Cuz you win the award for has hurt me the most

Here is your red carpet take your trophy and go

Oh you want all my focus here it is now you know

When you’re around I fall apart

But you don’t care as long as you are the star



Got what you wanted

You became my inspiration


You’re a sensation

Winning when you were the only nomination

I do what I can It’s not enough

I can’t change you It’s not my love

that’s what you need you gotta see that you’re the one

that you need to hold you and

I know you want to have control

over me but that’s not your role

Oh nothing’s gonna fix your pain but healing real slow

You don’t even try to

I will write my own script

With scenes I like, and not the kind you could impress your friends with

I won’t disappoint you

I won’t deny your peace of mind to fit into your worldview

Edit My Love

I am myself

Try to change me

But I know I’m solid

Don’t fit

The role they gave me

Cuz I want out of my own head

When they’re in it

Oh how did they get back inside

I thought we said goodbye

But there they are again

Oh I guess I let them in

As long as they’re alive

They hide me

You don’t fix my flaws

You edit my love

Cuz I would rather die

Than hold this in my mind

You edit my love

Edit my love


Every way that I slice it

I like it

I like it

I’m lookin all over

I can’t seem to find it

The sun went away

And the clouds started crying

Created a day full of puddles to lie in

I’ll try it ‘cause

The rain seems so divine

But I don’t trust it, why

Where’s the problem

I brace myself for something bad to happen

Bad to happen

Why can’t I be satisfied with my satisfaction

My Satisfaction

I need to fall out

of love with tragedy

To let go

Of that achy fantasy

When it feels like love

To release and let it be

Goddamn Truth

You can’t be here

After what I put you though

I’ve never hurt someone

The way I that I hurt you

That’s the goddamn truth

Friends don’t do what I did

I get it

Felt poison flowing from my roots,

I liked it, I let it


You and I

Were never meant to last

Just to burn real bright

In my head

Hangs an image in a golden frame

Our last scene

The one we painted with my pain

That look on your face

Friends don’t push friends past their limit

I weep under a willow you show love

It’s too vivid


You and I

Were never meant to last just

To burn real bright

We started as a match that

Turned to light

Cuz we weren’t meant to last

Just to burn real bright

That’s the goddamn truth